Frog O’Faire Fun 2012 and 2013

Rogue Valley Kennel Club members are happy to participate in many community affairs.
We love to teach children and their families safe ways to approach dogs.

Some of the recent activities are pictured!

Frog O’Faire – June 15, 2013
Rogue Valley Kennel Club dogs had a half hour
to show off their skills on stage.
Trista in the “how to greet a dog” demonstration Goshe shows a service dog skill of picking up keys
Poppy & Pixie working in brace Gypsy and Trista double up on the Figure 8 exercise Diggs uses scent discrimination skills to choose the soccer ball
After the stage show, the dogs spent the day
looking cute and being petted.
Cher – Shetland Sheepdog Goshe – Pit Bull Terrier
Diggs – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Gypsy – Australian Shepherd Perry – Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tai – Rottweiler Pogo – Standard Poodle Monarch – Whippet
Pixie – Pembroke Welsh Corgi Trista – Labrador Retriever Poppy – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Frog O’Faire June 16, 2012

A group shot of some of the participants

“Kid-proof” dogs are available for petting

What a gentle touch!

What kid can resist a face like this?


Frog O’Faire – June 16, 2012“Kid-proof” dogs are available for pettingWhat a gentle touch!A group shot of some of the participantsWhat kid can resist a face like this?