Some of the Canine Ambassadors in 2019


Rogue Valley Kennel Club’s Canine Ambassador program began in December of 1999 when three members took their dogs to St. Anne Catholic School. Since then a dozen club members visit over 1,000 children each year as Canine Ambassadors.

The Canine Ambassador program is a network of volunteers from local AKC-affiliated dog clubs who are interested in making presentations to children on the various topics related to the world of purebred dogs. Members bring along their well-trained dogs (each dog is required to have a Canine Good Citizen designation), along with educational materials to teach safety around dogs and the responsibility of owning a dog. Other topics include the different types of dogs and how they help us in our daily lives.

There is no charge for the materials or presentations.
For more information, or to schedule a date for a Canine Ambassador visit, contact Iris Hurwitz, 541-956-1412, or email (refer to Canine Ambassadors.)

The Daily Courier has a video of a recent visit.