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The K-9 Reading Program was started 3 years ago at the Grants Pass Library and has expanded to include second graders at Lincoln Elementary. We are at the library every Tuesday 3:00 to 4:00 year round, and on Friday mornings at Lincoln School during the school year.

The purpose of the program is three-fold: to improve literacy skills of children and lead them to like reading; to give our Therapy dogs a unique and positive experience; and to show the community another positive aspect of our organization.

All dogs are registered Therapy dogs with additional training to be around children in a calm way.

We (handlers) have personally observed children become more confident in their reading skills as well as more comfortable around dogs. Many children return to the library week after week and some have favorite dogs they want to read to, while others enjoy making the rounds and reading to each dog.

The current members of the program are as follows:



Iris Hurwitz Oscar the Boxer
Carol Aubrey Olly (yellow lab)
Bev Ball Winston (black lab)
Sharon Watson Trista (yellow lab)
Diane Fisher* Zena (shepherd mix)
Nancy Edie* Pogo (standard poodle)
Jani Mari Ziray-Cochran Palley (Shetland sheep dog)
Vi Brown Big Red (St. Bernard)

* = people only involved at the library