2022 RVKC's Free Canine Good Citizen Classes

Rogue Valley Kennel Club conducted the annual Canine Good Citizen series of classes
and optional CGC test in August to September, 2022.

The ring was in the shade in the park by the river so it was a nice and mild temperature.
CGC Evaluator Lorain talks with a man about his dog.
Colleen and Gwynne welcomed everyone and signed everyone in. They also offered informative brochures.
CGC Evaluators Lorain and Lucille address the class.
The crew of helpers finished setting up the ring. Now they are ready to help in the class.
CGC Evaluator Lucille talks with Lynda. The dog is very attentive!

"Meet The Breeds" Event, July 2022

RVKC hosted a ‘Meet The Breeds’ Event in July in Grants Pass, just outside the Growers’ Market
Many people stopped by to pet the dogs, ask questions, and chat about dogs.

Lots of folks from the Growers' Market stopping by to see the dogs.
Lots of folks from the Growers' Market stopping by to see the dogs.
Hug the Whippet
Kiss the Whippet
Does the schedule say "Give the dog treats right now?"
Bear, the German Shepherd Dog Reading Buddy, meets a fan
Fluffy doggie, Keeshond and smooth doggie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Smooth doggie - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Shall I sit for a treat? Rhodesian Ridgeback meets the public
Rhodesian Ridgeback and Pugs hanging out
I'm so excited about the treat you are offering - Saint Bernard
Hi! I'm a Pug! So am I!
Saint Bernard just chillin' in the shade between greeting visitors
Irish Setter meets some new friends
Papillon puppy meets some children
Hi there! Keeshond meets Papillons

Frog O'Faire Children's Faire June 2022

Rogue Valley Kennel Club participated in the Frog O’Faire Children’s Faire
Children had an opportunity to learn about the different breeds represented, pet the dogs,
and learn about how to greet dogs that they do not know.

Children meet their favorite Reading Buddy, a German Shepherd Dog
An Australian Shepherd and an American Pit Bull Terrier
Fluffy Keeshonden
Girls meet Papillon
Man meets Papillon

American Kennel Club Temperament Test


Hosted by the

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America

with help from the

Rogue Valley Kennel Club


Evaluators: Lucille Perry and Dr. Lorain Abel

16 New titles earned in one day!
Congratulations to all!

Hi, stranger, you're not scary!
Hey, stranger, rub my tummy!
I can step over these sticks, easy!
Nice umbrella!
It's not raining!
I feel the earth... move... under my feet!
That's interesting!
Hula hoops are back in style!
Be careful, human!