Picnic In The Park 2022
Rogue Valley Kennel Club’s Annual Conformation Shows
at lovely Indian Mary Park, Merlin, Oregon
June 18 & 19, 2022

The candid photos below were taken by the Show Photographer,  Bob Kohler
Thank you, Bob!

Photography by Bob Kohler
Dog Show Photography
2616 E. Victor Hugo
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Scroll down for candid photos from Delores Ferrero

The parking crew. Photographer threw a squeaky toy! It works!
Grounds manager, Rick, kicking back for 2 whole seconds in the Club trailer.

The wonderful photos below are only some of the photos taken by Dolores Ferrero.
Thank you so much to Dolores for giving permission to post.
See many additional photos on the Facebook group site West Coast Dog Shows.

Sunday's Best In Show lineup.
Try to keep up!
I wuff you!
A Sporting Group lineup
Is that Owner Handled rosette bigger than the dog?
Best In Show
Gentlewoman's agreement. I will stack for you and you will have treats for me.
We are having fun!
Junior loves on her dog.
I am so proud of my dog!
I present my dog for you.
Tiny but mighty.