The Rogue Valley Kennel Club, Inc., holds a general meeting:
the second Wednesday of each month
at 7:00 p.m.
at the Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive,
Grants Pass

Usually, there is an interesting Program relevant to dog owners.
Program information is announced on the Home Page.

In July we have our annual RVKC Club picnic at our regular meeting time and we only have a very short “mini meeting,” usually with no Program.

The Public is invited to our General Meetings and to the Programs.
There is never any charge to attend! No obligation!


The schedule for the 2018 Board Meetings is:
first Wednesday of each month
at 6pm
at the Black Bear Diner.

See Announcements on the Home Page for changes

For additional information contact:

RVKC Secretary
P. O. Box 2018
Grants Pass, OR 97528