2016 – 2018 Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks
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************** December 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season when we think of candy canes, fudge and marzipan. Wonderful for our taste buds, but not so good for our pets.

Common holiday foods such as chocolate, butter, turkey skin, fat, and candy can make your dog very ill. Don’t let your puppy’s cute face convince you that he should be given table food. Take care to keep these foods out of reach.

Also remember that poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe should be kept out of your dog’s reach, as they can be poisonous to pets.

If you suspect your dog or cat just ate something poisonous call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7661 for help immediately! The sooner a dog poisoning or cat poisoning is diagnosed, the easier, less expensive, and safer it is for your pet to get treated.

RVKC’s Holiday Party
Wed. Dec. 12th * 6:30 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Pizza and Dessert
And a “White Elephant”
wrapped dog-related
gift exchange for
members and guests

************** November 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


“Outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
Groucho Marx

Some dog books are considered classics such as Jack London’s Call of the Wild or Eric Knight’s Lassie Come Home.

More current literature that has garnered considerable praise is W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose and Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain. Then there’s Thunder Dog, the incredible story of Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Roselle, who escaped the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 by walking down 78 flights of stairs.

Whether you prefer shopping downtown at Oregon Books, or ordering books or E-books online, don’t miss these great dog stories. And remember, they’re sure to please the dog lovers on your Christmas list. ______________________________________________________________________

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. November 14 * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Program: Review of recent shows
Open to the Public!

************** October 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


The first of four days of dog shows, obedience & rally trials begins Thurs, Nov. 1st at the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Each day offers a chance to earn championship points or legs toward obedience or rally titles. There will also be chances to vie for Best in Show, and Highest Scoring Dogs in Obedience & Rally each day. Conformation & obedience trials will be in separate buildings.

Thursday & Friday’s events are sponsored by the Rogue Valley Kennel Club. More information is available at RogueValleykc.org.

Admission is free for spectators who are requested to leave unentered dogs at home.

A great guide to understanding dog shows & what it takes to earn AKC titles can be found by Googling AKC a beginner’s guide to dog shows.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., Oct. 10 • 7pm Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive
Program: Getting to Know You
Open to the public!


************** August 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Taking a Canine Good Citizen test is a fun way to demonstrate a dog’s good manners. Rogue Valley Kennel Club will offer dog owners three free obedience classes to brush up on their pup’s training before taking the test. The classes are also a way for beginners to introduce their dogs to basic obedience.

Experienced obedience trainers will hold classes on Wednesdays, August 22 & 29 and September 5 from 6-7 pm, near the rose garden in Riverside Park.

On Wednesday, September 19th, the optional 10-step CGC tests will be conducted at the same location from 3-6 pm. The test fee is $20. Both mixed breeds and purebreds are welcome.

More information about the classes and test can be found at

Click on CGC Classes

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., August 8 * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive

Program: Dealing with Dogs In Hot Weather
Open to the public!

************** July 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Summer weather has come to Grants Pass. Here are a few reminders on how to keep your dogs cool and safe.

Despite the warnings, every year, pets die after their owners leave them in parked cars that overheat. Within 30 minutes the temperature inside a car, even if the windows are cracked open, can rise to 117 degrees.

Have your veterinarian test for heartworm then keep your dog on heartworm medicine. Also regularly check for fleas and ticks.

Aim for mornings and evenings when letting your dog outside, Pets can get dehydrated or get heatstroke quickly so any pet outside needs to have plenty of water and access to shade. Older, obese or short-nosed dogs (Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, Boxers, Shih Tzu’s and French Bulldogs) are less tolerant of heat.

RVKC’S Annual Pot Luck
Members & Invited Guests
Wed., July 11th * 6 pm
Tom Pearce Park
Call 541-761-6556
for reservations
Park Pass or $5 Park Fee is required

************** June 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


4-H is a program where kids from kindergarten thru 12th grade develop skills and confidence through different activities. One such activity is the 4-H dog program where young dog lovers can learn how to handle, socialize and train the family pet to be well behaved at home and out in the community.

As the kids grow in confidence and skill, their hard work pays off in a well-behaved, beloved canine friend. In addition, they can participate in activities such as obedience, rally, and showmanship at county and state fairs.

The Grants Pass 4-H leader can advise youngsters about eligibility requirements to enter Junior Showmanship at AKC sponsored shows (children at least 9 years old and under 18; dogs must be purebred), or other competitions for purebred or mixed breed dogs in obedience and agility trials. RVKC’s shows are in November at the Expo.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. June 13th * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive

Program: Working Livestock with Australian Kelpies
Open to the public!

************** May 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


The wonderful warmth of spring!
New grass growing, flowers blooming…
and fleas,ticks, and mosquitoes are COMING ALIVE.

With the warm weather, the flea pupae are hatching into very hungry new fleas. With a little moisture and some tall grass, the ticks abound. With the warmth and some standing water, mosquitoes are breeding.

For our dogs, fleas bring itching & annoyance, ticks carry many diseases including Lyme disease, and mosquitoes are the host for heartworms.

It is important for dogs to be on flea and tick preventative as well as a heartworm preventative. There are a variety of products to choose from, many of which kill one, or all, of these at once. Your pet’s veterinarian is an excellent resource to discuss all available products, and which would be best for you and your pet.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., May 9th • 7pm Fruitdale Grange 1440 Parkdale Drive
Program: Canine Massage and Hydrotherapy Presenter Debbie Erb
Open to the public!

************** February 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Football fans have the Super Bowl; dog lovers have the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Check your local listings for highlights from Westminster Week Events which will be held in New York City from February 11-13. There will be multiple telecasts on FOX, FS1 and Nat Geo WILD.

A total of 2,882 dogs are entered in the show representing 2,919 entries which includes 95 junior showmanship qualifiers and 24 obedience teams.

There are also 330 agility teams entered in the 5th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster on Saturday, Feb. 10. Television coverage begins with the Expanded Agility Finals on FOX Sunday, Feb.11.

Look for selected live coverage of the 3rd Annual Masters Obedience Championship on Monday, Feb. 12 and catch the evening Group and Best in Show judging on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 12-13.

This is the Westminster Kennel Club’s 142 annual event. It is second only to the Kentucky Derby as the oldest, continuous sporting event in America.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. Feb. 14 * 7:00 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive

Program Topic: Canine Influenza

Presenter: Lorain Abel, DVM
Open to the public!

************** January 2018 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Did you get a new puppy for Christmas? Here are some tips to get him off to a good start.

Make sure he gets regular exercise. The lack of exercise is at the root of many canine behavior problems. When dogs do not get enough exercise, they can become bored and lethargic, or hyper and wound up.

Dogs need to have daily interactions with their humans. Even if the session is short, spending quality time with your dog goes a long way to building a strong bond with your dog.

Consistent training will help you achieve a good relationship that lasts a lifetime. You’ll learn how to communicate with your pup during training. It also gives your dog more freedom because you can feel confident taking him anywhere with you, (on leash, of course) and know that he will be easy to manage.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. January 10th at 7:00pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Agenda: Planning 2018
Open to the public!

************** November 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Your dog may be very uncomfortable is his nails are not kept trimmed.

But nail trims can be stressful for your dog, so the first thing you should do is get him used to having his paws touched and handled. This should happen long before anyone tries to trim his nails.

  • If you’re going to trim the nails yourself use a nail clipper or a rotary tool, depending on what your dog can tolerate and your own preference.
  • Nails must be trimmed very carefully to avoid cutting into the quick. And trimming one nail a day is fine – do only as much as your dog is comfortable with.
  • The other option is to take the dog to a groomer. The cost is minimal and most dogs don’t have to go more than once a month.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. Nov. 8 * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Open to the public!

************** October 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


As dogs get older their needs will change and they may become more prone to sickness. In order to insure the older dog’s comfort, remember the following:

  • Routine is important to older dogs. Without it, they become confused.
  • Dogs become accustomed to a certain size and type of food. They also expect their food dish in the same spot and to be fed at a regular time.
  • If dogs are overweight, they may die prematurely because degenerative diseases develop faster. Diets should be low in calories.
  • If dogs are too thin, they should receive a high calorie diet and see a vet. They could have an infection, blood disorder or parasites.
  • Always have water available. Fluids are important for older dogs because water carries waste through the kidneys.

For more information on canine health, visit www.akc.org.

Four days of dog shows are scheduled for November 2nd through 5
Jackson County Fairgrounds in Central Point.
No admission charge for spectators and parking is free.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. Oct. 11 * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Program: We will be getting ready for the November shows!
Open to the public!

************** September 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Sat., Sept. 23rd  10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  at Riverside Park

  • Learn why owners love the breeds they do at Meet the Breeds booths
  • Silent auction of dog art 
  • Breed Parade 
  • Demonstrations 
  • “My Dog Can Do That” 
  • Rally course
  • Microchip Clinic hosted by Riverside Park Veterinary Clinic 
  • Vendors 
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Search & Rescue Booth
  • Dog tricks

For more info. call Colleen at 541-479-0917.

All dog lovers are invited. Their well-behaved dogs are welcome too.
Please, no retractable leashes.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., Sept. 13 • 7:30 pm (time for this date only! (usually at 7:00pm)
Location: Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass
Program topic: What health tests are appropriate for your breed?
Presenter: Lorain Abel, DVM
Open to the public!

************** August 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Many management companies are wary of welcoming pets due to the potential that tenants will gripe about noise, property damage, and more. If your dog or cat is a model of animal behavior, ease your landlord’s anxiety with a positive introduction:

  • Provide letters of reference from past landlords detailing how you’re a responsible pet owner.
  • If you have a dog, show that your pup has proven good behavior with a training class (such as a Canine Good Citizen) certificate.
  • Ask your veterinarian to write a letter on your behalf — and include documentation that your pet has been spayed or neutered and vaccinated.
  • Craft a resume for your pet, complete with photo, certifications, explanation of the arrangements made to care for your pet while you’re at work, and a personal story.

Free Canine Good Citizen Classes – Four Wednesday classes beginning August 23 at Riverside Park starting at 5:30 pm. Come early to sign up.

More information at <   https://roguevalleykc.org/activities-events/cgc-classes-test-info/   >

************** July 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


  • Never, ever leave your dog in the car;
  • Make sure your dog has unlimited access to fresh water;
  • Make sure your dog has access to shade when outside;
  • Take walks during the cooler hours of the day;
  • When walking, try to stay off of hot surfaces (like asphalt) because it can burn your dog’s paws;
  • If you think it’s hot outside, it’s even hotter for your pet – make sure your pet has a means of cooling off;
  • Keep your dog free of external parasites (fleas, ticks) and heartworms – consult your veterinarian about the best product for your pet;
  • Consider clipping or shaving dogs with long coats (talk to your veterinarian first to see if it’s appropriate for your pet), and apply sunscreen to your dog’s skin if he or she has a thin coat.There is no General Meeting in July 

************** June 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


Ann McGloon will talk about Tricks, Parkour and Freestyle for dogs at the next RVKC meeting. Several new dog sport titling programs have become available with virtually all of them offering the option to submit your performance via a video recording. This makes participating more accessible for everyone. Ann has participated and titled her dogs in a host of video-based organizations. Come and learn all about it!

If it’s hard for you to travel to dog shows or your dog is just not comfortable in that type of environment, your training accomplishments can still be acknowledged using video titling options. The AKC has even started using video in their new Trick Dog program as the highest level called Performer requires a video submission.

McGloon has been a member of the Rogue Valley Kennel Club since 2005. She has competed with her dogs in a variety of performance events from agility to obedience. She has also participated and titled her dogs in a host of video-based organizations. Her youngest dog “Tollie” even earned his Trick Dog Championship Title last year.

The General meeting is
Wednesday, June 14th at 7 p.m.
Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass.

The public is welcome. 

************** May 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


FENCES: It’s been said that fences make good neighbors. Gary Dolmage from Quality Fence Company estimates that 30% of his orders come from dog owners. He recommends chain link fence as the most effective deterrent to escape. Persons who don’t want their property to look like a school yard can have it powder coated green or black.

Responsible dog owners know that having fenced property is no guarantee that their canines won’t be roaming the neighborhood at some point in time. Unfortunately, even with fencing, if a dog is left outside when its owners aren’t home, there’s risk of losing the dog. There’s also the chance of having neighbors complain about nuisance barking.

Our next column will deal with advice to reduce the chances of our dogs escaping from a fenced yard, and direct readers to a website that provides tips on how to keep your dog inside your fence.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed. May 10th at 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Topic: Pet Portraits
Presenter: Artist Roni Marsh
Open to the public! 

************** April 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks

Vivian Goldschmidt, MA, offers information on diet and exercise on her website, SaveOurBones.com. She mentions a benefit of dog ownership.

“It’s so much fun to take your dog along on walks. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why some people choose to get a dog – it motivates them to take several daily walks. The problem is, some dogs rush out ahead of their humans, pulling hard on the leash and upsetting the body coordination. The tugging can continue for the whole walk if you let it.

Instead, hold the leash the way dog trainers recommend – place the end of the leash in your right hand, let the leash cross your body and have your dog on your left side. In your left hand, hold the leash about halfway down. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach your dog the “heel” command as well, so he or she knows to stay beside your left leg. Take along some healthful dog treats for motivation”. VG

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., April 12th at 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Topic: Dog Behavior
Presenter: John Parrett
Open to the public!

************** March 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks

Is It Safe
for dogs to drink out of communal water bowls?

It is common these days to see bowls of water for dogs outside of shops or coffee houses. Fountains in parks are also commonly used for our dogs when they are out and about. There has been some concern lately regarding the safety of dogs drinking out of communal bowls or fountains.

However, there are actually very few communicable diseases that are spread directly by mouth.

Contagious diseases in dogs are more commonly spread in other ways. Many intestinal pathogens (such as parvovirus and roundworms) are spread through fecal-to-mouth transmission. These organisms won’t spread in a communal water bowl unless there is fecal or urine contamination in the bowl.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., March. 8th 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Topic: Canine Ambassadors
Presenters: Dr. Lorain Abel & Lucille Perry
Open to the public!

************** February 2017 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks

Is your dog overweight?

To tell if your dog is overweight, answer the following questions:

  • Is it difficult to feel his ribs or spine?
  • Have you had to loosen his collar/harness lately?
  • When looking at your dog from above, is the waistline missing?
  • When viewing your dog from the side, does his abdomen sag?
  • Has your dog become tired all the time or too lazy to play?
  • Does he consistently lag behind on walks or balk at longer outings?
  • Does he pant constantly or show shortness of breath during gentle exercise?
  • Does he resist play with you or housemate dogs?

If the answer is “yes” to these questions (and your veterinarian has ruled out other medical conditions) it’s possible your pet has put on some pounds. Your veterinarian can help you develop a sound weight loss program for your dog.

RVKC’s General Meeting
Wed., Feb. 8 * 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange
1440 Parkdale Drive
Public welcome!

************** December 2016 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks


If your family has its heart set on getting a puppy for Christmas, your best bet will be to wait until after the hubbub of the holidays when you can all devote time to the new addition to your family. But before you make any decision be prepared to answer the following questions:

Are you prepared to know where the dog will be 24 hours a day?

Will you take the time to properly train him, so that he will be an accepted member of the community, as well as an enjoyment to you?

If you answered “Yes” then consider the joys and advantages of buying an AKC-registered purebred dog from a responsible breeder who strives to breed healthy dogs with the appropriate temperaments for their breed.


Election & the Christmas Party is the Program
potluck dessert buffet & ‘white elephant’ wrapped dog-related gift exchange

Tuesday, December 13th at 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass

************** November 2016 ***************
Rogue Valley Kennel Club Speaks

Share love and good times with your family and your pets this Thanksgiving but be careful about any food that you share with your pets. Too many or the wrong type of leftovers can cause an upset stomach or worse for your pet.

If you do give your dog or cat leftovers, make sure it’s a small amount of one of these dogs-and cat-safe treats;

  • Skinless and boneless cooked turkey
  • Steamed, plain green beans
  • Plain carrots
  • Plain, mashed sweet potato or pumpkin
  • Gravy that is free of onions, spices, herbs or sweeteners.

New Location: Rogue Valley Kennel Club has moved its monthly meetings to the Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive in Grants Pass.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We usually have dog-related programs as well as conduct Kennel Club business.

The public is always welcome.

RVKC’s November General Meeting
Wed. Nov. 9th, 2106 at 7 pm
Fruitdale Grange

1440 Parkdale Drive

The Program for November will be a Post Show Review