Purpose: The website is a public presence that helps us connect with the community, share up to date information about our Club’s activities and events, provide educational information, be a repository of past Club event photos, and promote membership.

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The Board oversees the content of the website, although the Webmaster has a lot of independence. Website content must be true to our Club’s goals.

Current (2018) website pages and content summary:

Home page:

Provides a quick link to our November show’s webpage. Has an area for the latest news and updates announcements for meetings and events.

About us:

  • Information about the Club constitution, bylaws, standing rules, membership description and application.

  • Officers names and email addresses

  • How to contact us.

  • Members Only Section: Information center for club affairs: – committee and officer job descriptions, minutes of the General and Board meetings, show information

Activities and Events: Information about the Club’s events and other activities enjoyed by some of the Club members.

Annual Show: Up to date news and information about our annual show and a collection of win photos from our November Shows.

Our Members: Club members awards.

Events calendar: A list of events month by month – Club meetings, Board meetings, Handling classes, RDO Day, CGC classes and test, and any other events.

Links and Resources: Links to Dog related sites and some informational and educational sites and information.

Contact us: A ‘contact us’ email form to fill out