Purpose: Ensure the Club trailer is in good, safe condition for use and the items kept in it are stored in a manner to travel safely and can be accessed readily by Club members.

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Recruit members and assistants as needed and delegate duties as appropriate.

Trailer Committee members: There should be several members of the committee. Members of the Trailer committee could be one member each from the Hospitality and Trophy committees for the benefits of those committees since Hospitality supplies and some Trophy supplies are stored in the trailer.

Overstock items: Make sure Awards Chair and Trophy Chairs are aware of overstock items from previous shows, raffles, donations or functions etc. so they can be used up and not left in the trailer to continue to take up room. Purge items in the trailer that are no longer of use to RVKC.

Safe operating condition: Ensure the club trailer is in safe operating condition. Including but not limited to monitoring lighting, tires and wheel bearing maintenance.

Safe storage condition: Ensure the club trailer is in a safe storing condition. Including to but not limited to making sure all seals on doors and vents are not damaged ensuring there is no place for water from storms or washing to enter and cause damage.

Organization: Ensure organization including labeling of items in the trailer while also ensuring all items in the trailer are secured and safe for travel.

Preparation before and after use: Organize cleaning and preparation for travel before and after RDO Day and Annual Show and any other special dates to ensure trailer is ready for next use.

Keys: Keep a set of keys while also making sure there is another set of keys available for those that need to access the club trailer after authorization from an RVKC officer or Board Member while also making sure the club President has a set of keys.

Inventory: Make sure inventory is kept current. Hospitality chair should be part of trailer committee so they can keep an inventory of items for the annual show so we are not buying items that we do not need creating need for more storage tubs.