Purpose: Act on the behalf of the RVKC Membership in expressing sympathy, condolences, get well wishes etc. to club members who have lost a loved one, had surgery, or who is very ill or has required hospitalization for an illness. In the case of a deceased club member, the expression of sympathy will go to the appropriate family member.

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Recruit additional committee members if desired. Delegate tasks as appropriate.

Cards: Appropriate cards will be sent in the case of illness, surgery, injury, or death of an immediate family member. Immediate family member refers to a child, spouse, parent or significant other. Sunshine Chair may collaborate with the Board regarding sending a card and maybe flowers to the family in the case of a Club member’s death.

Memorial donations: A donation in the name of a deceased member may be made.

  • Check the budget

  • Collaborate with the Board to decide on the amount.

  • Collaborate with the family regarding the donation recipient.

  • Facilitate the donation being sent by the Treasurer

Notification of the Sunshine committee: All RVKC members should inform the Sunshine Committee when they know of a fellow member in need of “sunshine”.

Show dedication: The Sunshine Chair will remind the Show Chair/Committee of the names of any member who has died in the previous year, to ensure that a dedication in the deceased’s name can be placed in the Show Premium and Catalog. Also, there will be a dedication ceremony at the Show.

Dedication ceremony at the Show: Collaborate with the Show Chair about a dedication ceremony. Invite the family if appropriate.

Notify: Notify the Membership of Club members who have lost a loved one, had surgery, is very ill, has required hospitalization for an illness, or who has died. Insure Membership Chair is aware of the death of any Club member.