Purpose: RVKC offers a scholarship to a selected student to help pay for the student’s post-secondary tuition. Each year, the Scholarship Committee will publicize the Scholarship, identify an appropriate recipient, and ensure it is paid appropriately.

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Recruit committee members. Committee will ideally consist of 5 people (one chair, 4 other members).

Publicize the Scholarship: Duties of the scholarship Chair and committee include preparing and mailing the scholarship applications, with a cover letter, to the Josephine County high schools (both public and private,) Rogue Community College, and the Jackson County and the Josephine County dog 4-H group leaders.

Letters need to be mailed shortly after school starts in the fall, ideally by late October/early November as most students prepare their scholarship applications over Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Deadline for students to return the scholarship application is February 15.

Review the scholarship applications: Chair will copy and provide the committee members with copies of the applications to review prior to meeting. Recommend rating the applications to facilitate discussion. Meet by end of February/early March to determine the recipient(s). Collect the copies of the applications after voting for proper disposal to insure applicants’ personal information is kept confidential.


  • Notify the student who is selected to receive the Scholarship.

  • Notify the recipient’s current school so that the recipient may be included in the awards celebration at the school. If possible, have member of committee at school to present certificate to the recipient (but this can be a very long ceremony and little boring, so it is not a necessity).

Invite: Invite the scholarship recipient and family to the July picnic. Introduce them around at the picnic.

Stay in communication with the recipient: Make sure the recipient knows to notify the Club of the school they are attending so that the funds can be sent to the educational institution in the fall.

Payment: Arrange with the Treasurer to have the Scholarship check sent to the recipient’s post-secondary school at the appropriate time.

Note: If for some reason the recipient is not able to attend school that fall, the money will not be awarded and may be held over for following years and that could increase the amount of the scholarship.