Purpose: Each year, RVKC participates in the AKC’s program, Responsible Dog Ownership Day, (RDO Day) by hosting a community event, usually in September, that educates the public about the importance of being a responsible dog owner and celebrates the deep bond between humans and their canine companions. The RDO Day Committee plans and runs this event.


*Important* Planning an RDO Day begins a year before the next year’s RDO Date.


Recruit members and assistants as needed or desired and delegate duties as appropriate.

Identify a date a year in advance:

  • Coordinate with the Board and membership on a date. Try to avoid dates with conflicting events. We need to reserve Riverside park and the gazebo as early as possible.

  • Coordinate with the CGC Committee/the CGC instructors if the club is offering the free CGC classes and test. We try to schedule the classes and test right before RDO Day. (Currently these people are Lucille Perry and Lorain Abel) Classes have been on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30pm.

Reserve Riverside Park a year ahead of time:

  • Reserve the date with GP Parks & Recreation. For RDO Day, since we use the gazebo, it requires a Reservation/Application fee.

  • Reserve the date for the Banner that will be displayed at the Park. Do this as soon as there is a date reserved. Banner reservation form is available at the Parks & Rec office. Park charges a fee to hang our banner ($50 in 2018) to be paid at the same time as the reservation. Banner hangs on Monday before RDO Day and is displayed all week. Banner is stored at Logan Design on 7th Street. It needs to be picked up and delivered to the Parks Dept. the week before RDO Day.

  • CGC instructors will notify the Park of the dates and times for the CGC classes and test. Coordinate with the CGC instructors. We do not pay any reservation fee for these class/test dates or fill out any forms.

Note: CGC classes require sign in sheets for each class and a Liability Waiver forms. CGC instructors should provide these forms.

Notify AKC: In March notify AKC on its website of the RDO Day event. Coordinate with the CGC instructors to possibly include the free CGC class series, CGC testing, with the RDO Day information. Log on to www.akc.org and search for RDO Day. Follow instructions. Currently (2018) the login name is; ‘RVKC’ and the password is ‘roguevalleykc’

Advertising and Publicity: In June/July, plan advertising and publicity campaigns.

  • Publicity: Email event notices to local TV, radio stations, and local newspapers and community papers. They need a minimum of 30 days lead time. You may wish to check (do this in June) with them on the best time to contact them each year as this can change easily.

    • We do a live interview on KAJO radio each year.

    • Rogue River Press

    • Illinois Valley News

    • Sneak Preview

    • Medford Mail Tribune (www.mailtribune.com)

    • Grants Pass Daily Courier – see if the Courier will do a pre-event write up. Call Edith Decker. Offer ideas for an article and/or photo.

  • Advertising: We have been taking out a display ad for RDO Day in the GP Courier. CGC instructors usually place a classified ad for the CGC Classes so you may want to coordinate with them. Check with the RVKC Board before submitting either ad. Use previous ads for guides, updating to the current year.

  • Check with the Treasurer to be sure expenditures have been approved.

  • Also print up some flyers for distribution around town.

AKC will provide some materials: The kit you will receive from AKC should include brochures, handouts, etc. It should also have yellow CGC posters. Complete them and have them distributed to Veterinarian’s offices and other pet friendly businesses.

Decide on RDO Day activities:

  • Past activities: Past activities have included; Meet the Breed booths, Breed Parades, various demonstrations, a Rally tryout ring, a photographer, vendors, face painting, caricature artist, dog related nonprofit groups and some sort of food, like a food truck.

  • Club members ideas: Ask Club members for ideas.

  • AKC ideas: You may check the AKC website, RDO Day page, for other ideas and materials (https://www.apps.akc.org/classic/clubs/rdod/

  • You can be creative!

Supplies: Determine equipment needed and assemble it such as signs, loudspeaker system, tables, Shade popups, etc

Get volunteers for the day:

  • Volunteers are needed to participate in the Meet the Breeds booths, give demonstrations, staff the tryout ring(s) if there is one, set up and tear down, etc.

  • Someone (chairperson) will need to plan an area layout – where the booths will be and where the various demonstrations, etc will be placed.

  • Someone will need to tow the Club trailer to the Park for set up on the day since it has a lot of the needed equipment. And, someone will have to tow it back to the storage place at the end of the day.

Day of event: Be there to manage the set up and lead the proceedings. Insure that we leave the Park area neat and clean, things get packed back into the Club trailer properly, and the trailer gets towed back to its storage location.