Purpose: Arrange the preparation and dissemination of news releases to the community regarding RVKC activities and educational programs via the local newspaper, radio stations, TV stations, flyers, posters, RVKC website, and Facebook page.

– – – – – –


Recruit members and assistants as needed or desired and delegate duties as appropriate.

Publicity opportunities: Be alert for opportunities to publicize RVKC, RVKC Members, and RVKC activities to the public. Creativity welcome. Encourage members to suggest ideas.

CGC Classes and test: The Public Education Chairperson will provide information about what to publicize about the CGC classes and test and the timing.

RDO Day: The RDO Chairperson will provide information about what to publicize about RDO Day and the timing.

Awards Banquet: Notify the Grants Pass Daily Courier a couple of weeks to a month in advance about the Awards Banquet. Publicity Chair will invite Edith Decker of the Grants Pass Daily Courier who usually attends and takes photographs and writes up an article for the paper. The Club pays for her meal. Sybil Longinotti and Lucille Perry know her.

Monthly column in the Grants Pass Daily Courier: Currently RVKC pays for a column, called ‘RVKC Speaks,’ once a month in the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

  • Check with the Board each year to see if this expense has been budgeted for the year.

  • It appears on the Sunday before the 2nd Wednesday (our general meeting day) of each month. There is an educational part of the column, limited to approximately 135 words, and an announcement of the general meeting and scheduled program. The information should be sent to the Daily Courier about 10 days prior to the general meeting.

  • Notify the Webmaster who will post the information on the RVKC website. Collaborate with the RDO Day Chair and the Public Education Chair regarding advertising RDO Day in the column before the event.

Website: Provide webmaster with publicity materials as appropriate to be published on the RVKC website and to be added to the Club calendar of events on the website.

Facebook page: Provide Facebook page Chair with materials to publish on the Facebook page.