Purpose: The RVKC’s objectives include promoting purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. The Public Education Coordinator (PEC) plans and manages the Club’s educational programs and activities.

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Recruit members and assistants as needed and delegate duties as appropriate.

Qualifications: RVKC’s PEC should have a good understanding about what the club means to the community; know dog types, the history of dogs, breeds and activities that dog owners can participate in. Also have knowledge about titles that can be earned. The chairperson can call upon other club members or friends to supply info on these subjects as necessary.

Canine Ambassadors: The Public Education Coordinator is responsible to oversee Canine Ambassador program.

  • You may consider sending out an annual letter to schools announcing our availability for the coming school year. Collaborate with a Canine Ambassador Club member regarding this.

  • Be sure a Canine Ambassador Club member is designated to make appointments with schools or other organizations that want a visit. If no other Canine Ambassador Club member assumes that duty, do it yourself. There is a school list available with contact information.

  • You may call other schools that are not familiar with the program.

  • If a new school wants a visit, collaborate with a Canine Ambassador Club member to check out the area where it will take place, (size of area, flooring, etc.) and find out the ages of the kids.

CGC Classes and Testing: The Public Education Coordinator is responsible to oversee the annual free CGC training classes and CGC testing. See separate CGC CLASSES and TEST procedure document for details.

Seminars: Encourage RVKC to hold a seminar every once in a while. Solicit ideas from membership.

Public speaking: Offer to speak at local organizations such as Rotary Club. Talk about how RVKC benefits the community and what the Canine Ambassadors do.

Much material is available at the AKC.org website – See How to Promote a Club, Media Resources, and Press Center.

Order informational brochures and/or materials from AKC as necessary or desired.