Purpose: Membership committee manages the current membership record, fosters membership growth and retention, acts as liaison between members, potential members, and the Club Officers and Board of Directors.

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Note: Recruit additional committee members as desired and delegate tasks as appropriate.

Note: Needs to know or learn all of the Club rules regarding membership

Membership Official Record:

  • Keep an accurate record of members’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, type of membership, breeder status, and each member’s dogs and their breeds.

  • Act as the official contact for all changes in address

  • Update record yearly and as needed throughout the year.

  • Notify the Secretary and other Board members of any changes.

Directory: Compose, print, and distribute to the members the Membership Directory each year. Since the final date for membership renewals is December 31st, the Directory should be printed and available for Members to pick up by the February General meeting. Directories shall also be available for Members to pick up at the Awards Banquet. After the Banquet Directories shall be promptly mailed to Members who have not picked them up already.

Membership participation and retention:

  • Greet members and guests coming to the General meetings and have everyone sign the sign-in sheet.

  • Act as liaison between members and the Officers and the Board.

  • Suggestions:

    • Contact members who do not attend meetings to see if there is something to be done to encourage participation.

    • Awards Banquet: Insure new members know what the Awards banquet is and encourage them to come. Pay attention to them and/or encourage their sponsors to pay attention to them and sit with them and introduce them around.

Membership growth:

  • Publicity:

    • Works closely with the Board, and may suggest methods to increase membership

    • Assist the Publicity Committee with planning flyers/brochures

    • Develop a publicity campaign in conjunction with the Publicity Committee

    • Suggestion: Contact guests as appropriate to convey the Club’s appreciation of their attendance and to encourage a return.

  • Other:

    • Respond to all inquiries about membership.

Membership applications:

  • Compose and distribute a membership application package (include a letter, necessary application forms, constitution, bylaws, standing rules, return envelope, brochures) to people requesting them.

  • May refer inquirers to the RVKC website to read our constitution and bylaws and to download a copy of the membership application.

  • Provide membership applications with constitution, bylaws, and standing rules, and information at the monthly club meetings.

  • Receive completed membership applications and fees and give to the Secretary to read at the meetings.

  • After membership vote, receives the application and keeps them on file for future reference.

  • Provide new member with orientation information.

  • Once voted into the club, the Membership Director updates the official membership record with all the new member’s pertinent information.

Notify AKC: Notify AKC each year with the updated membership list. This is done shortly after membership renewals are processed and the new membership list is created. This is done online at AKC. (Instructions needed here.)