Purpose: The Historian is the keeper of the historical record of the Rogue Valley Kennel Club, the members, and how the Club fulfills its objectives and serves the community.

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Members: The Committee should have at least one member. Recruit additional committee members as needed/desired.

Find information about RVKC: Collect and save anything published about RVKC. Scan newspaper (Grants Pass Daily Courier) for articles mentioning RVKC and clip and save. Let the membership know about the articles.

RVKC Annual Shows photos: Keep the show photos CD/DVD that we receive from the Photographer. (Bob & Brenda Kohler have been our Show photographers.) Webmaster will need copies of the show photos to put on the website.

Our events photos: Try to get some photos of all our events to save for a historical record and to have available for Club use. May arrange for someone to take the photos or take them yourself. (Examples: RDO Day, CGC classes and test, Handlers Clinic) The photos may be used for publicity and the Webmaster may want to use some of the photos for the website.

Record book: Historian will keep a record book of pertinent Club information for each year. Double check for accuracy.

  • Club officers, and Board members

  • Club awards winners

  • Club special events: Info on any special events we may have. Photos would be nice.

Display board: Make a poster board with photos and articles for display at the Awards Banquet.

Club history: The historian should have or obtain some familiarity with the history of the club and try to retain some of the info such as who started the club and when it came to be.

Storage: There is a box in the RVKC trailer to store things in.

NOTE: The Board would consider approval for digitizing the materials if there is someone interested in doing this. Consult the Board to discuss possibilities.