Purpose: Donations committee determines how the Club donations budget is spent. The Club may donate to non-profit organizations that benefit and support dogs and their owners. Local organizations are a high priority and non-local organizations that benefit dogs and their owners on a broader scale but will still affect local dogs and their owners are also a priority.

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Members: Recruit committee members. Committee should have 3 members.

Donation Budget amount: Check the annual budget item.

Solicit suggestions: Solicit suggestions from the membership periodically throughout the year. Committee members may make suggestions, also.

Meet and decide: After gathering a list of possible organizations, meet as a Committee to propose which non-profits to send the current year’s donations to and the amount of each donation.

Submit to the Board: Submit your proposal to the Board for approval.

Spend most of it – timeline: The goal of the committee is to have most of the money sent out by the end of June or as soon as is practical thereafter.

Save some?: Some amount can be saved for urgent needs that we become aware of later in the year.

Spend the rest: All moneys are to be spent by the end of the year.

Note: From time to time the Club will decide to make a donation that will not come from the Donation budget. This usually originates from the Board or Membership and is not part of the Donations Committee duties.