Purpose: When people inquire about specific breeds and breeders, the Breeder Referral person will refer them to members of the club, if possible, who have the breeds or to the AKC website.

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Committee: One Club member is sufficient for this task.

Refer to Club member: When there is an inquiry looking for information about a specific breed or looking for a breeder of a specific breed, the Breeder referral person will either:

  • Give the Club member (by email or phone) the contact information of the person making the inquiry.

  • If the Club member who owns that breed has given permission, give the inquirer whatever contact information that the Club member has agreed to have given out.

Refer to AKC website breeder referral: If no Club member owns or breeds that breed, the person will be referred to the AKC website ( akc.org ) which has breeders listed for each breed.