Purpose: The Awards committee administers the Club awards by sending out awards applications, receiving the awards applications, arranging for the individual awards to be ordered and/or made, collecting the Awards, preparing the Awards for display and presentation, and coordinating with the Club Social Hospitality chairperson on the details of the Awards Banquet and the Awards presentation.

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Recruit: Recruit committee members as needed and delegate duties as appropriate.

Date: The Awards Banquet should be held by the end of March. Set a date for the Awards Banquet. Consult the Board and coordinate with Club Social Hospitality person who is the one who, in coordination with the Board, determines a location, menu, and costs, and makes the reservation with the restaurant.

Awards applications:

  • Establish a send-out date and a return-by date for the Awards applications and email/mail them out.

  • May use the previous year’s form as template. Update as appropriate. Add due date.

    • Note: Add a place on the form for members to write in nominations for Member of the Year and Sportsperson of the Year.

  • Application to be returned to RVKC PO Box: Attention to Awards Chairperson or application may be given to Awards Chair at a meeting.

Sportsperson of the Year and Member of the Year awards:

Procedure to select Member and Sportsperson of the Year: Under construction.

Sportsperson of the Year medal: In January, Secretary will email AKC to have the AKC Sportsperson of the Year medal mailed to us. Communicate with the Secretary to ensure this gets done. Secretary will contact AKC to inform them of the name of our Sportsperson of the Year soon after the Awards Banquet. AKC will post the name on their website. AKC contact person as of 2018 is Amy Hamernick at amy.hamernick@akc.org or 212-696-8374.


  • Note: The Awards Chairperson works with the Treasurer to do the accounting of monies and to make payments.

  • Arrange for cutouts to be made allowing as much time as possible for them to be made. Cutout wooden dog breed silhouettes are made and given for dogs who have not had previous Club awards. Subsequent awards for the same dog will have bars added to the dog’s cutout.

  • Order the Awards bars and photo plaques. Have recipients provide photos where necessary.

  • Receive all of the various awards and prepare as necessary. For example, attach the bars to the cutouts where appropriate.

  • Get door prizes if applicable. It is good to use un-awarded trophies and/or prizes from previous shows if they seem appropriate.

  • Check with Trailer and Trophy Chairs to see if there are unused trophies or prizes to use.

  • Bring everything to the Awards banquet.

  • Set up a nice display of the awards for all to see.

Banquet Reservation forms: Email out banquet reservation forms. Coordinate with Club Social Hospitality to have the reservations due by the time the restaurant needs to know how many are coming. Have the reservations, with payment, returned to the RVKC PO Box, ‘Attention Awards.’

Programs: Print an Awards ceremony program or a list of the winners. Previously, each program was numbered and these numbers were drawn for the door prizes.

Awards presenter: Arrange for someone to act as the presenter at the event.

Note: Publicity Chair will invite Edith Decker of the Grants Pass Daily Courier. The Club pays for her meal. Sybil Longinotti and Lucille Perry know her. You may want to check to see if she is coming.