– Purpose: Provide cost effective, quality trophies for all RVKC shows.

– To try and keep our monies local, shop at local vendors.

– Ask for ideas from club members, often times they know someone who has a small business and they will work hard to produce something that reflects our northwest lifestyle.

Timeline: Six months prior to show date.

Number of trophies required: will need a trophy for every class the AKC has approved.

Budget: Usually the amount collected from sponsors.

Sponsors: Find a sponsor for every trophy offered.

Create a Spreadsheet listing the class, trophy offered and the amount required to sponsor the class. (Examples in Trophy Chair notebooks)

Start soliciting sponsors six months prior to show date.
(?) Give last years sponsor the first opportunity to sponsor. (?)

Add the name of each sponsor to the class they choose.

Mail a Thank You Letter listing amount owed and the trophy sponsor form to each Sponsor.

Include a self addressed and stamped envelope.

If you see them in person, have them fill in and sign form. Collect check (payable to RVKC or cash for the trophy amount and give them a Thank You Letter signed by the Trophy Chair. (Examples of Letters and Forms in Trophy Chair notebook)

Breed Trophies/Prizes

Individuals may offer trophies, collect 3 weeks in advance. Label and transport to show

Make a list for each breed of the trophy and class it be awarded.

On day of show deliver all trophies to assigned rings. Include the list for the ring steward.


All trophy info to Show Chair

All monies will be given to RVKC Treasurer

Create a Thank You Banner listing all trophy sponsors. Display at Show

Label each trophy with name of sponsor, transport to show and display.

Design nice display table for Conformation & Obedience (table cloth, etc)

Keep a list of all trophies purchased and a list of all sponsors to be kept with past records