Show Chairperson Responsibilities
(updated 09-2019)

*Overall responsibility for proper planning, conducting and reporting results of the show.

*Ensure that the event application, judge’s panel, and other necessary documents are submitted to AKC by their deadlines.

*Ensure that the premium list material is submitted to the show secretary/superintendent by the deadline.

*Assign all committee chairs, who are responsible for their own areas. Committee chairs should obtain Show Chair approval prior to spending show funds.

*Assign a Committee Secretary.

*Act as the facility/site liaison for the Club. Establish and maintain communications with the person responsible for lease of the site.

-Site must be available before and after the actual event hours. Knowledge of the facility use before and after the event is an important consideration.

-Requirements for insurance, contract, advance deposits, limitations to site usage, additional rental space, etc. must be determined.

-Extent of owner/management involvement in the event should be established prior to leasing, particularly with regard to required usage of the site’s personnel or concessions.

-Any potential problems that might result from the event should be discussed beforehand, allowing the owner/manager to take adequate steps to alleviate them. Periodic reconfirmation should be made, even after club(s) have reached agreement with facility owner/management. Constant communication can help avoid any oversights by the site owner/management.

*Determine legal requirements, such as obtaining permits that may be required. Check with local authorities. Agencies that issue permits include, but are not limited to, the local township, health, fire and police departments.

*Consider federal, state and local taxes to avoid any possible penalties imposed for failure to follow such requirements.

*Contact superintendent or show secretary.

*Contact official photographer.

*Act as liaison to companion/cluster clubs and specialty clubs.

*For all committees responsible for money collection (i.e., Parking, Catalog Sales, etc.) arrange for appropriate starting funds.

*Review the AKC procedures detailed in Dealing with Misconduct with all members of the Event Committee, in advance of the event. A guideline is included on pp. 13-26 and 13-27 of the AKC Show Manual.

*May chair (an)other committee(s).

Day of the Event

*Arrive at least 2 hours before the start of judging. Walk the grounds to be certain that everything is in order.

*See that a properly completed and signed copy of the Disaster and Emergency Plan form is available at the event. Copies should also be supplied to all Committee Chairs.

*See that the following is available:

Rules Applying to Dog Shows

Rules Applying to Registration And Discipline

-Procedural Checklist

The Complete Dog Book, or a Set of all breed standards

-Show Manual

Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges

*Also provide the following when applicable:

-Conformation Junior Showmanship Regulations, Guidelines for Judging Juniors in Conformation, Juniors in Performance Event

Obedience Regulations, Obedience Judges Guidelines, The Steward in Obedience

-Rally Regulations, Rally Judges Guidelines, The Steward in Rally

*See to all colors and national anthem before the start of judging.

*Meet with the AKC representative, if present, first thing the morning of the show.

*Check with all committee chairs to ensure that everything has been completed.

*For all committees responsible for money collection (i.e., Parking, Catalog Sales, etc.) arrange for money pickups during the day.

*Check in workers and assign tasks.

*Check in Judges

*See that the ring schedule is maintained.

*Address any disputes that may arise.

*Ask all judges to present invoice(s) morning of the last day.

After the Event

*Check with the AKC Representative, Superintendent or Show Secretary, and Judges for suggestions.

*Check event grounds after clean up to be sure everything is in order.

*Confirm that all hired personnel have been paid.

From source: AKC Show Manual 2017 Edition pg 2-11 – 2-14

SPECIFICS of 2019 show at Indian Mary Park

As of 2019, the RVKC Show Year runs from October 1, 20XX to September 30, 20XX

Contracts with

  1. Host Hotel
    1. Riverside Inn, contact Dan Hodgkins, Front Desk Manager 541-476-6873 986 SW 6th St., Grants Pass, OR 97526
  1. Parks Department – signed by Club President
    1. Contact: McKenzie Crume 541-474-5285
  1. Show Superintendent
    1. BaRay Event Services, contact Sheila Raymond  Phone: 206-818-3647 fax: 866-390-1035
  1. Photographer
    1. Bettina Beinefeld 714-745-9841



  1. Contact for availability
  2. Issue Judge Availability Letters with estimated assignments
  3. Issue Judge Contracts – assign panel and breeds based upon previous year’s entries
  4. After signed contracts are received by Show Chair, input assignments in AKC Database
  5. Arrange for hotel accommodations in Grants Pass and near Medford airport for return flights
  6. Send Judge Hospitality Letters
  7. Ensure judge invoices are received/reviewed/approved and presented to Club Treasurer on Sunday morning so checks can be issued to judges
  8. Arrange judge transportation from and back to Medford Airport


Show Committee Chairs

  1. Hospitality
  2. RV and Day Parking Reservations
  3. Day Parking – needs Cash Box for day of show
  4. Grounds
  5. Catalogs – needs Cash Box for day of show
  6. Advertising
  7. Obedience/Rally
  8. Trophies
  9. Chief Ring Steward
  10. Vendors


Vendor Chair (current Show Chair handles)

  1. Send letters of Invitation/contracts to potential vendors. Due to limited space, invite vendors with different specialties
  2. Receive reservations/payment from vendors
  3. Invite Food Truck vendor
  4. Set Up day – designate vendor spaces/areas based on reservations



  1. Conduct Show Committee Meetings with the following Committee Chairs (invite Club Secretary to take minutes):
  2. Reserve Show Committee Meeting location
  3. Identify Host and other hotel accommodations to list in Premium List
  4. Club Trailer – who will pull/who will conduct annual inventory
  5. Inventory signs and determine what is needed
  6. Edit Premium List annually
  7. Keep General membership up-to-date on show planning progress
  8. Send annual hard copy AKC Application for Rally Trial
  9. Must upload current RVKC Membership List to AKC using Club Membership Upload tool within twelve months of the show application date


  1. RVKC’s AKC contact is Yolanda Chavez 919-816-3507
  2. Submit to AKC the following:
    1. Application for Show/Trials
    2. Judging Panel using AKC Quick Submit at least 18 weeks prior to show
    3. AKC Rally Event Application

Forms may be found at: