The goal of the hospitality chair is to promote comfort and a friendly spirit among guests, members and judges at meetings and events.

November Show:

1 Plan a two-day (?) menu (including food, drink, eating utensils and cooking vessels) for approximately ( 80? ) people per day for the November Show.

2. Purchase all food and beverages for breakfast and lunches.

3. Maintain judges ice chests with sodas and water throughout event.

4. Prepare coffee and tea for guests for breakfast and lunch both days.

5. Prepare and serve food.

6. Ensure judges have refreshments throughout the day.

7. Clean up after all events.

8. The chair will ensure that the budget for this event is adhered to.

(?) If we have extra events…

(?) Ensure that there are adequate hors-de-oeuvres for Saturday evening’s get together.

(we don’t do the St Bernard Specialty any more)

May St. Bernard Specialty:

1. Purchase drinks, snacks and condiments for the 2-day show.

2. Adhere to budget for this event.