Review space sizes and fees and submit to Show chair about 5 months prior to show and prepare the grooming reservation form for Premium list

Reserved Grooming Plan must be prepared to go to AKC with show application

Take Reservations and put them in alphabetical order.

Take calls for requests.

Put all Reservation names on 5×7 index cards

Know the big shot handlers – make sure they get a good spot against a wall and you keep them happy.

Line out grooming room for as many reservations as we receive plus 15 extra for late arrivals.

Label each grooming spot with the Reservation Named 5×7 index card.

Have 3 complete lists of who is in which spot so that people can check the list on the way in the door.

The 3rd list is for the Grooming Chair for keeping track of which of the 15 spots have been sold and which of the 15 spots did people just move into. The people that move in to a reserved grooming spot is responsible for payment and it is the Grooming Chairs Responsibility to collect said money

Open the grooming room each morning by 6:00 AM

Close the grooming room each night at 10:00 PM

Take cash or check for late arrival reserved grooming.

Make sure all the electrical is dropped and working for each reserved spot.

Monitor the grooming room for the 5 days. If people are being messy and encroaching in to their neighbors spot they need to be notified to clean up their space and keep within their grooming space.

Set up Free Grooming

Get 6 Garbage cans for inside the grooming room. Monitor them as some will get stinky and need to be emptied

Tour through the Grooming room early morning, mid day and after Best In Show. Reminding people to not leave dogs overnight and to not leave opened cans of dog food in the building and to clean up their grooming space including hair and chalk each night.

Be prompt when there is electrical issues going on and get over to the grooming room stat and get these handlers the power they need.

Monitor the potty area right outside the Grooming Room to make sure people are picking up after dogs.

Help Scott with Set-up Wednesday morning as I go up a day ahead of time to do The Grooming Room so am there to help set up every year

We take a lot of money in for reserved grooming each year. This money needs to be given to the club Treasurer. If the treasurer is not there or not available the money would then go to the clubs Vice President.

Line up the 4-H students to sweep and clean out the grooming room and or stay until final clean-up after BIS on Sunday.

This job is the longest in duration of them all for the cluster so be prepared.