(Current as of December 2014 Amended June 2016)


  1. Standing rules are those rules that relate to the details of administration. These rules are adopted by the Rogue Valley Kennel Club (RVKC) to cover the day-to-day management of the Club. Any Club decision, which requires the change or deletion of any standing rule of the Club, may be proposed at any meeting. Rules may be proposed, adopted, amended or rescinded without previous notice by a simple majority vote of those present at a General Meeting. Any changes are to be published in the monthly newsletter.

  2. The Club colors are to be forest green and white.

  3. The minutes of the Board meeting shall be read at the General Meeting.

  4. Club members who participate in the Canine Ambassador Program must be RVKC members in good standing and participating dogs shall have, at a minimum, a Canine Good Citizen certification.


  1. Regular membership dues shall be $15.00 annually

  2. Household membership dues shall be $20.00 annually.

  3. Associate membership dues shall be $10.00 annually.

  4. Junior member’s dues shall be $5.00 annually. Juniors are non-voting members and may not serve as officers or on the nomination committee, but may serve on general committees. Juniors are not counted in determining a quorum and do not have petition rights, but shall be eligible for annual awards offered by the Club.


  1. The election of Officers and Board of Directors shall be conducted by a secret ballot mailed to all members in good standing. The secret ballots will be mailed no later than five (5) days after the November General Membership Meeting and must be received at the Club PO Box at least two days prior to the December Annual Meeting. Alternatively, the secret ballot may be brought sealed to the December Annual Meeting.

  2. The secret ballots will include a blank secrecy envelope and a self addressed outer envelope with the Club PO Box as the designated mailing address. In order for the vote to be counted, members must put their return address, their name, or their signature on the outer envelope. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.

  3. The ballots will be collected (but not opened) and brought to the December Annual Meeting.

  4. Ballots shall be counted at the December Annual Meeting by three inspectors of election who are members in good standing and neither members of the current Board nor candidates on the ballot.

  5. No additional election voting, other than stated above, will take place at the December Annual Meeting.

  6. If there is no contested position for Officers or the Board of Directors, then the requirement for a mailed ballot will be waived.


  1. Whenever possible, a committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least one other member.

  2. Standing committees, including show chair, are to be appointed within 60 days after the President has taken office


  1. Committee chairs shall be members in good standing of the RVKC and are responsible for the selection of committee personnel as well as the prescribed functions of the committee. It shall be the chairperson’s responsibility to advise the Board if unable to complete the required duties. The committee may be terminated by the Board per the RVKC Constitution, Article V, Section 2.

  2. Committees appointed by the President to enhance the workings of the Club may include: Audit, Awards, Social, Historian, Librarian, Public Relations, Canine Ambassador, Publicity, Equipment Maintenance, Judge’s Selection, Membership, Newsletter, Website Maintenance, Finance, Nominating and Parliamentarian. The duties of the committees are appended to the Standing Rules and are intended as guidelines.


  1. The President with the consent of the Board selects the Show Chair.

  2. The show chair has overall responsibility for planning, conducting and reporting to the Membership and Board the results of the show.


  1. The Board shall not spend more than $500.00 without the approval of the General Membership except in cases of emergency; the Treasurer as required shall pay all fixed operating expenses.

  2. The Club shall maintain appropriate insurance to cover the functioning of the Club. It is the responsibility of the President and the Treasurer to see that this is paid in a timely manner.

AWARDS (added December 2014)

The Club offers awards to members as follows (member is defined as current member in good standing of RVKC and have been a member at the time the titles were earned):

  1. AKC Titles (Prefix and Suffix, as listed on the AKC website as “AKC Titles and Abbreviations”): An award is given for an AKC title granted to a dog owned (or co-owned) by a member.

  2. Other Titles (e.g. Parent Club, Flyball, Barn Hunt): A club member may elect to purchase the title award and it will be presented at the Awards Dinner.

  3. Special Awards

  1. An award will be given to a dog owned (or co-owned) by a member who completes an AKC Companion Event Championship: OTCH, MACH, PACH, CT

  2. An award will be given to a dog owned (or co-owned) by a member who completes an AKC Derived Title: VCD1, VCD2, VCD3, VCCH, DC, TC

  3. An award will be given to a dog owned (or co-owned) by a member whose dog wins at an AKC-licensed event: Best in Show, Best in Show Specialty, Best in Field, High in Trial Obedience, High Combined Obedience, Best Junior Handler (one award per honor, per year, which will indicate all of the events where the award was won during the year)

  4. Therapy Dogs: A certificate of recognition will be given to newly registered therapy dogs.