Purpose: The Programs Committee promotes continuing education training programs for all members and guests at the monthly RVKC General meetings by arranging for informative, educational, and/or inspirational programs to be presented.



Recruit committee members as desired.

Identify which meetings will or will not need Programs: July is the Picnic at the park so a Program may or may not be desired. Summer meetings held outdoors at a park may be opportunities for dog related demonstration type programs. The Program time in October and November is devoted to Show preparation and followup. December is the Holiday party.

Identify ideas for Programs: Encourage Club members to suggest ideas of dog related subjects of interest.

Prepare and schedule the Programs: Usually, this will require contacting someone to be a guest speaker and/or demonstrator. Time allotted is approximately a half hour but exceptions may be made for a longer Program if coordinated with the Board. Take into consideration which meetings are outside in the park in the summer and which meetings are in conjunction with a CGC class or test.

Notifications: When the Program and date is confirmed, Chairperson should:

  • Prepare a brief biography of the speaker and a description of the presentation. You may ask presenter to provide this information.

  • Notify the following of this information about the speaker and presentation:

    • Notify the Grants Pass Daily Courier about 1 week before the meeting date.

    • Notify the RVKC Secretary bout 1 or 2 weeks before the meeting so that the information may be included in the General meeting reminders to the membership.

    • Notify the RVKC Webmaster about 1 or 2 weeks before the meeting so the info can be announced on the website.

    • Notify the Publicity Chairperson at at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting so the information may be included in the RVKC monthly column in the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Hospitality for the presenter: At the meeting, introduce the presenter to the membership. Make them feel welcome. Offer refreshments if available. They are welcome to stay for the meeting but they can leave if they want to. Thank the presenter.